Entry for July 29, 2006

Entry for July 29, 2006

Went to check out an apartment with my sister today… she’s moving out tomorrow. Went shopping, bought some crap….shoulder bag with lots of little shiny things on it, sunglasses ’cause I broke mine, and some earrings. Really want some ice cream right now but I can’t have it which sucks. Well it’s Saturday night not sitting here writing to my blog, better things to do.



Entry for July 27, 2006

Entry for July 27, 2006

ImageNot keeping up with this too well am I?  Oops!Image

Not much new and exciting working way too much again. Actually have a pile of books waiting to be read. Usually can’t keep up with my book habit, gets delivered, gets read within hours, no more books. Now I have a pile, that can’t be good.

I have decided that my fat ass really needs to get on a diet, I have gotten so out of shape this past year it’s disgusting, forget the fact that I look like crap, it is definitely not healthy. I tried doing the elliptical but my enduranc level is shot. Think I am going to have to try walking a bit at night first to get myself in enough shape to really push myself with a good cardio workout. Maybe I should joing weight watchers or something. We’ll see. I don’t do well on regimented plans, usually do best when I watch what I put in my face.

My dining room ceiling seems to be falling apart all of a sudden. I don’t know if it’s the heat or just the effects of time and too many layers of paint. I usually do all my home improvements on my own but I think I may need a professional for this one.

I’ve begun watching a new show on the Sci-fi channel, Eureka, it’s pretty cool, let’s see how long it can keep my attention for.

Hummm sighh my life is too boring for a blog…Image

I think I am in a hermit phase…don’t feel like hanging out with anyone, going anywhere, or pursuing anything. Guess it will pass like everything else.

Let’s see if I do any better on making entries here.


Entry for July 17, 2006

Entry for July 17, 2006

Okay so let’s see already slacking off with the blog thing.

Went out for dinner and drinks for my birthday, had two days off from work, got giftsImage.

Read “A Fistful of Charms” by Kim Harrison and “Dance Macrabe” by Laurell K. Hamilton.

Got sunburn.

Fried my laptop and thankfully fixed it. Watched stupid movies on the sci-fi channel all day yesterday. Started Adobe training courses. If I like these I think I will go get certified.

Went back to work today and am now sitting in the air conditioning like a sloth.

The biggest thought I had this weekend was…. that for the first time in the relationship department I have come across someone who although my choice not to pursue it, I am the one losing out. He’s such a nice guy and is so considerate towards me and interested in what I have to say and all that yet there is zero attraction there for me. I guess I am being shallow but I tried to force it, hoped I could try hard enough but it just ain’t happening. Go figure, guess I still just want the things I can’t have.

Entry for July 12, 2006

Entry for July 12, 2006

So today was definitely a little more exciting than usual, I was on the phone at work and you could see the sky going black, then it sounded like a train was coming through right outside the windows. Second time in my life, I’ve been in the path of a tornado. Lots of uprooted trees, power outages, a few buildings collapsed. Parkways shut down, tree fell on my car(no damage just a few scratches), pain in the ass trying to get home but all and all everyone I know was safe so it’s all good.

I have less than three hours until I am officially 35 years old. Blech! I am sooo not happy about this. How is it fair that men become “distinguished”, maturity looks good on their faces, meanwhile I get to turn into a saggy old hag. So not liking this. But what are you going to do. Yes, I know age is only a number and what the hell there’s always a nip and a tuck. Still sucks.

Watched the premier of Stephen King’s Nightmare’s and Dreamscapes tonight. That sucked too. I am only further convinced that King stories are meant to be read not watched.  Read the books, sleep with the lights on, watch the same story and enjoy the comedy.

I’ll be suprised if I keep this blogging thing up. Non-commital is my middle name.Image

Entry for July 9, 2006

Entry for July 9, 2006

Todays events… just too exciting. Grocery shopping, reading, playing pc games, and watching firemen fix wire outside of house. Okay that part was funImage.

Today’s thought

The top ten reasons why I am 34 and still single:

  1. I am a pain in the ass.
  2. I do not believe a ring and a piece of paper make someone mine.
  3. I do not believe a ring and a piece of paper make someone love me.
  4. I truly think all married men, who can, do cheat.
  5. I don’t want children
  6. I let the guy I should have married get away because I thought I was too young.
  7. I like my space.
  8. The older I get the less I feel like dealing with bullshit.
  9. I can’t find someone I can spend 24 hours with much less the rest of my life.
  10. I am a pain in the ass. Image