Me Day-August 26, 2007

Me Day-August 26, 2007

So I had an all about me day.

Dyed my hair.

Had a facial.

Did my nails.

Had a pedicure.

Repotted my plants.

Made some new cuttings.

Planted some seedlings. (Indoors)

Ate pizza with sausage.

Bought a new phone.

Payed my insurance for the next six months.

Played games for cash and won.

And it’s only 4 o’clock…….

Grrrrrr!!! August 13, 2007

Grrrrrr!!! August 13, 2007

Stress stress and more stress.

God this sucks! I can’t even drink anymore… nooooooooo!

I like my job. Really. Just feeling really overwhelmed right now and afraid I can’t get it done. I should stop whining it will all work out.

Ok, off to play on myspace

Tasty Snack- August 12, 2007

Tasty Snack- August 12, 2007

Still sticking to the diet..miracle of miracles. But there are other types of snacks

I caved in and created a myspace page today. It can be viewed here.

So much to get done and I have zero incentive.

Trying to find a recipe for chicken tiki masala. One that I understand anyway.

Thinking if I go to Staples I can buy some stuff to help get me organized. I have bills and paperwork all over the place.

Ughh! work tomorrow.