September 8, 2007

September 8, 2007

Had a facial.

Had my haircut.

Watched Hot Fuzz(disappointed).

Updated my web page.

Went to CVS(wasted money).

Finally configured newest laptop.

Created AIM profile.

Vegetated on POGO.

Entered Neiman Marcus 3 grand shoe shopping spree.

Ordered more books (Finally found Anita Blake comic and graphic novel).

Hohum – September 7, 2007

Hohum – September 7, 2007

So it’s Friday night and I am home.. sigh. I’ve been off from work for three days and I feel like such a slug… but it’s so good

I mean I could get up and go out or something but that would require getting dressed. I’m comfy. I have finally broken down and caved in…I am using my newest laptop.

I was reading about a homeless man living on the streets of NYC earlier and I have to say I feel really ashamed of myself. I mean this man was so quick to look at the positive and be happy while in such dire circumstances. Has to make you think. Almost reasy to take my Adobe certification tests. That will be nice.

Oh well nothing much for this slug to say. Nite

People need to think-September 2, 2007

People need to think-September 2, 2007

This is going to be one of those rare posts that isn’t entirely meaningless fluff. I was reading the paper this morning, more than one actually here and there online and the big article in the Journal News is about the federal investigation into police brutality in Yonkers. As I read the article, it’s about how the cops are one way in one section of the city and behave “allegedly” in a totally different manner in the other, I can’t help but wonder why. Could it be the difference of the behavior of the people who live in those areas? No that would be silly… I mean it couldn’t possibly be related that average every day residents might be afraid to walk around after dark in one area and not in the other….

“Cops don’t understand the black community”…does this include “black cops”? What about the hispanic community that lives in that same community? Asian? White? Indian? Should we only allow a people of the exact same heritage to interact with each other? Thought eliminating that stupidity was the whole idea of desegregation?

Just reading the whole thing pisses me off. I have friends of all different colors, nationalties, cultures and you know what… I don’t think of any one of them as my “black” friend or my “puerto rican” friend, they are simply my friend. When you’re a little kid and you meet another little kid at the playground you just played…you didn’t care or recognize a “difference” until someone taught it to you. All this political bullshit in the papers and on TV only continues to teach that you should recognize a “difference” and recognize it in some negative manner. Hate and predjudice are taught, they are not part of us when we are born.

Do you ever see an article about how a cop of one nationality helped a person of another? Of course not, because it happens every day and it doesn’t sell papers. Or how about this? You’re at a busy intersection and you see a three year old kid about to bolt into traffic… as you grab for them do you for one second even remotely think about what color or genetic heritage the kid is? Of course not. You see a small child that’s all.

Second thing about the article that puts my panties in a knot is how people say cops were being aggressive or tough… ummm duh! If someone is attacking you or someone you care about, or just an elderly person on the street do you really want some pansy ass to show up or someone who is going to put the asshole down and take care of business. Personally I would want the meanest sob they’ve got. I’d get popcorn and cheer them on. It’s the same as all the “bad” articles you read about “rowdy” firemen. Let’s see, I am going to make a living by pitting my body against an extreme and violent force of nature and then I am going to knit as a hobby. Be real people, it takes a certain type of person to be a cop, a fireman, a member of the military, etc., and it generally isn’t going to be the type that is scared of their own shadow and worried about being politcally correct.

Bet the same people complaining have watched Demolition Man and laughed their asses off over the farce of the politically correct police force who can’t do shit.

Wake up smell the coffee. If you’re neighborhood is shit do something about it and stop fucking whining that it is somebody else’s fault. The same laws you study so hard to enable your whining can be used to make change too. Oh wait that would take personal effort easier to blame the same old shit being blamed for the past 2 hundred years. Hint hint, hasn’t fixed anything yet.

There are asshole people everywhere, in every job, in every neighborhood, everywhere. Address the issue and individual at hand instead of the herd mentality of a political statement.

Ok done my own whining now… with one difference…I will continue to not view groups of people as a single entity and as individuals and hopefully pass that on to those around me. I don’t need to make a statement, I need to always remember to live it.