Entry for January 27, 2008

Entry for January 27, 2008

Took my Aunt grocery shopping today, wasn’t as torturous as usual.

I had an OMG! moment this week. It was absolutely horrible. I am only 3 years from being 40!!!!! Even typing that I feel like someone is cutting off my oxygen. Why? Why?  Nooooooooo.  Yeah I know it’s just a number but still. It’s a terrifying thought. I’m considering starting the botox now as a pre-emptive measure. Shallow? You bet your ass.

On other notes Ryan made dinner two nights in a row. I am blessed…lol! And did the dishes. It’s very convenient how I tend to forget the “Who ever cooks doesn’t do the dishes” rule when Ry cooks… hehehe.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is on. So disappointing, they could have focused on th Silver Surfer so much more. We got robbed! I actually went to the theatre to see it. Bad producers! Bad!

I have discovered that you can download old NES games for the Wii. Old addictions are never far away, comfy and lovable just like jammies!!! Never, ever leaving the couch.

Did some shopping (acceptable breaking of New Year’s Resolution). Somehow I am putting a hole in the right elbow of every single sweater and blouse I own. I checked , elbows are not dry and scratchy. Have even enlisted others to watch my daily habits and get this… it is my left elbow I lean on all day while at work. WTF? I mean cashmere sweaters I have had for years and years are ruined. A new sweater I wore twice ruined.

My Lily kitty has snuffies. I hate when my luvies don’t feel well because there isn’t all that much you can do for them.

Work is busy, also doing two sites on the side.  Not to mention preparing the new version of this. Okay this was a long post for me, going to go read or Wii. Cya.

Entry for January 20, 2008

Entry for January 20, 2008

Went ice skating at Hammocks yesterday for Ryan’s birthday. Driving there was such a trip down memory lane. Can’t believe it’s been twenty years since I was a teen. Ewwwwww. After skating we all went to Rory Dolan’s for dinner. Think everyone had a nice time.

Today I was a slug except for making a full-on Sunday dinner and working on a power point presentation I need for work on Tuesday morning.

I have to get working on my new blog site being that Yahoo 360 is being replaced. It’s mostly done, I just have to work on the color scheme and transfer some stuff.

It’s late… going to bed now.

Entry for January 18, 2008

Entry for January 18, 2008

  • I like my bananas spotty
  • I like my coffee light and sweet, with real cream and real sugar
  • I like to lay on my bed in the spring and smell the lilac tree in my yard on the breeze.
  • I like when I hug someone and they smell like fabric softener
  • I like when my cat nuzzles my ear
  • I like whole milk, never skim
  • I like driving fast
  • I like having a cold beer and a cigarette in a crowded bar
  • I like turning off all the lights and staring at a lit Christmas tree
  • I like planting window boxes without gloves to feel the soil
  • I like sitting in the sun
  • I like curling up with a book when it’s raining
  • I like falling in love
  • I like testing myself against new challenges
  • I like watching men with dimples smile
  • I like my hot dog skins crispy
  • I like listening to music loud
  • I like playing monopoly
  • I like sending and receiving handwritten letters
  • I like the smell of my puppies feet
  • I like my own company

Haven’t had much to say lately.