Entry for November 4, 2008

Entry for November 4, 2008

Wow! Haven’t written anything in a while. Could be the new addiction to POTC online. I know, I know almost 40 and still addicted to video games. It’s a good thing to keep the kid inside alive!

Today was the big day… yes I voted. Talk about something so many of us take for granted and view as a big pain in the ass. If I hadn’t voted I would have ended up feeling very ashamed. I was talking to one of my co-workers and he immigrated years ago from Haiti, listening to him talk about his life there and the consequences of voicing your opinions and beliefs, there is was no possible way I could take the right I was born with and throw it away.

Halloween was fun, have done the right thing and brought the leftover candy to work. Fattening up your friends is always the better choice 🙂

I miss the sun and the heat. I can appreciate all the seasons and the beauty unique to each but the truth is that I have begun the countdown of days until Spring. I miss my garden and the smell of grass mixed with hot tar, sounds of neighbors on their stoops. Can you say city girl?