Entry for February 5, 2009

Entry for February 5, 2009

Can’t sleep. Too many thoughts running through my head. Some deep, some totally asinine. Listening to the Airbourne Toxic Event Sometime Around Midnight. I  can totally relate to this song. Suppose everyone can.

I have so much to get done at work, it’s like I can hear every hour tick tocking away. My cat has come and joined me, at least with nocturnal friends you have company on nights like these. I like this picture of me so I am posting it. 🙂 I’m thirsty.. be back.

Back. So I saw this guy from a distance the other day that I was totally hung up on for years and years and I was like Wow! You so don’t have anything I want anymore. I have on occassion been really down thinking I missed out on something fabulous it’s weird to now know without a doubt that I didn’t.  His life as it is now, married and routine, is so not what I ever wanted. It was affirmation that I made the right choice that even though I am sometimes lonely it was better to never settle and still hold out for what and who will work for me. Working all day, coming home to pay bills and family style trips to Florida just would never cut it for me. Life without passion would be no life at all. Guess all things do come full circle. I’ve been finding lately that I’m leaving that phase of self doubt behind. Thank God!

I feel like I am finally getting out of the rut I have been in. Yeehaaa! It’s on. Seriously if anyone actually reads this thing of mine jump straight past the depressed and blah stage and take the reigns to getting yourself out of the rut you have caused or allowed yourself to be pushed in to. It starts small but each time you push back you get further and it gets easier. If you need someone to be your cheering squad email me.

Hmmmm… think I am going to try and read for awhile. If I start watching TV I will find one of those sucky horrible b movies that drags you in until the end and I will never get to sleep. Can’t wait for the weekend, 19 degress today…54 on Sunday. BIG SMILE, MUCH HAPPINESS!!! WINTER IS ON ITS’ WAY OUT! 

Entry for February 3, 2009

Entry for February 3, 2009

Your result for The OkCupid Kissing Test…

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If you’re just looking for hot-and-heavy makeout action, try The Vixen or The Rogue. If you’re looking for someone to smooch on the regular, check out The Boyfriend or The Girlfriend (they’re a lot like you, but they haven’t achieved your level of mastery just yet. Teach them, o wise one.)

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Anticipation – Entry for February 1, 2009

Anticipation – Entry for February 1, 2009

I can not wait until Terminator Salvation comes out. I have high hopes it will be a fitting follow up to the first two movies. I was so very disappointed in the third. The characters just did not fit nor did the tone of the movie. This looks like it could be it. If I was a puppy I might pee on the floor from excitement.

I finally joined Facebook and am glad I did. Reconnected with some old friends which has turned out to be fantastic. Sometimes you just don’t know how much you miss some people. It’s interesting to see how we all turned out. On the flip side to make it work you have to make yourself visible. Eeeeek!.

Of course I have looked up old boyfriends and the like. More a browse than anything else. I am happy to report that one in particluar seems to be as happy and content as I had always hoped. No no no, won’t mention any names as I prefer to let sleeping dogs lie but even as kids he was a good person, probably one of the best friends I’ve ever had and it is good to know life has treated him kindly and blessed him with a beautiful family.

Work is crazy busy as usual and I’ve got to be thankful for that. I’m very pleased with the project I’ve been working on and am eagerly anticipating launching our new services.

Seems like a time in my life where I am on the cusp of quite a few great things 🙂