A Little Bit About Me

A Little Bit About Me

Well let’s see….. I am not the talk show host in Australia that everyone hits this page looking for. If I had Eric Bana within five feet of my person believe me it wouldn’t be fit for broadcast TV.

I am born and raised in the Bronx in NYC. I’m still here with no intention of leaving. There aren’t that many other places that you can get anything you want at 3:00am in the morning and I am definitely into the whole idea of instant gratification. Patience was not a virtue bestowed upon me.

I read way more than the average person, been known to lock the world out and kill off a dozen or so paperbacks in two or three days. The titles wouldn’t impress anyone as they are all generally fluff and that’s the way I like it. I want a good story, a made up, entertaining piece of fiction. If I felt like being centered in reality I wouldn’t be reading. My collection of vampire fiction is rather impressive I must admit and it should be as it’s been twenty years in the making.

Living the single life, sometimes it’s by choice and sometimes it’s not. Apparently my ideal is not easy to find and when I have found them I couldn’t keep them. Kind of sucks but it’s been fun along the way to the end. If you know of any tall, dark, handsome (not pretty), sexy, alpha male, hate broadway, bit of a Neanderthal, honor of a knight men that are out and about hunting feel free to send them my way. Shouldn’t be too hard to find…yeah right. Never said I wasn’t picky and unrealistic.

I am absolutely fascinated by other people’s talents. Everyone has something they do very well and I like to watch them do it. I’m still trying to figure out what my special talent is. I can do many things, some of them very well but I haven’t ever felt like there is one particular thing I excel at. although I make great French toast and mashed potatoes.

Addicted to computer games and watching Law & Order probably should not be something I freely admit to but alas it is true. I tend to like expensive things and am lucky enough to be able to have those things yet my most prized possessions are old letters from friends, pictures I keep in a box, and little things I’ve collected from people along the way. Most women press roses, I have a dandelion. It was the nicest and sweetest gift I ever received.

I have two kitties who suffer all my maternal instincts. No I am not a “cat person”, I love animals in general and have always had a pet be it a dog, fish, bird..etc. I have a philosophy that we find each other when the time is right and it always works out just fine. Did I mention I am allergic to cats? But they’re my luvies so we work it out.

I’m obsessed with trying to fight the whole aging thing (1971, do the math) and will probably be needing therapy soon.

Okay so that’s enough about me. I didn’t create this site with any particular direction in mind just going to let it evolve into whatever it happens to become.

Thanks for visiting, feel free to email me if you would like.


October 22, 2007

A Little Bit About Me

New Blog

Okay so Yahoo 360 is going away. I finally managed to get all my posts and images into a new WordPress blog. Wish I was more up to speed on the customization of it as I just don’t feel like messing around with it right now.
Had a wonderful day today and saw old friends. Can’t believe it’s been 20 years! It’s better than nice to see people that know you as you really are and not see you as what you are, as people tend to do as adults. 🙂