How to be bored without really trying

How to be bored without really trying

Bored. Yes I am at the moment horribly bored. Don’t feel like going out, watching TV, reading, playing games, browsing, nope nada nothing. At least there is a heavy rainstorm to enjoy.

How to be bored without really trying

Today is a good day

Today is a good day. Year long project at work finally coming to it’s conclusion after what seemed like a roller coaster ride through hell.

Beautiful day out. Hot hot hot and I love it.

Saw a bunny, saw a gopher, fed some birds.

Will relax for the first time in months tonight.


How to be bored without really trying

Gonna need some Sangria

This week and next at work is going to be crazy. I hope I am up to the challenge. I never used to be nervous or anxious about that but such is life.

When this project is complete it’s Sangria time! Oh yeah!

3 bottles dry white wine
1/2 cup Triple Sec or other orange liqueur
1 1/2 cups no-pulp orange juice
1/4 cup fresh lemon juice
6 Tbsp sugar, or to taste
4 ripe peaches, cut in thin wedges
2 pt (12 oz each) strawberries, sliced
1 each lemon, lime and orange, cut in thin half-slices
1 Golden Delicious apple,cut in thin wedges
2 trays ice cubes

Stir until sugar dissolves.
Add fruit
Refrigerate to chill.
Add ice.