50 Things About Me (Harder Than You Think)

50 Things About Me (Harder Than You Think)

Here’s one of these little blog community things again. You’re supposed to create a list of 50 things about yourself, your life, your personality, etc. , so that other can paint some type of picture of you. Not doing anything better at the moment so why not. I’ll play nice for now.

  1. I love squirrels and crows, if they aren’t being wise asses they are being incredibly sneaky.
  2. My favorite color is black. It’s also the only color my hair has never been.
  3. I am single and approaching 40. I never planned on being “married” anyway.
  4. I am way more sentimental and romantic than most people think.
  5. I believe the old adage that time heals all wounds but believe more that some wounds leave enough of a scar to do permanent damage.
  6. I own tons of red lipstick, including a color I have made just for me.
  7. I long for the guys of the 80’s with long hair, tattoos and tight 501s.
  8. I write letters I never intend to send when I am sad.
  9. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue. On a good night I can make a double knot.
  10. I read way too much and adore sci-fi, fantasy and anything to do with vampires fiction.
  11. I hate chick flicks and love action movies.
  12. I rarely watch TV and if I do it’s something like Law and Order or Bones, unless of course I have a slug fest on the weekend watching cheesy movies on the sci-fi channel.
  13. I am fabulous at word and puzzle games.
  14. My fangirl crush was Tommy Lee until I got a gander at Peter Steele. Tommy who?
  15. I cry my eyes out when Nester the Long Eared Donkey’s momma dies.
  16. All of my fingers are double jointed.
  17. I play the piano, quite well actually but only when no one else is home. (It’s sorely out of tune right now.)
  18. I collect giraffes because I always felt like one growing up as all my friends were 5’2 and I most definitely am not.
  19. Pink snoballs are the perfect food as far as I am concerned.
  20. If  we were once truly friends, I am always your friend.
  21. I support the death penalty.
  22. I can’t handle failure.
  23. I love coffee with cream and sugar
  24. My favorite flowers are pansies.
  25. I am a sucker for men with brown eyes.
  26. I like animals better than most people, probably because I trust them more.
  27. I enjoy my own company and have no need to be around people all the time. Quite opposite in fact.
  28. I crack my toes before I go to sleep
  29. I bite my cats feet and ears, nibble is a better description.
  30. I miss being hugged by someone who really means it.
  31. I hate wakes and have requested to never have on. I want to be toasted and tossed.
  32. I am terrified of flying
  33. I l love fast cars and speed all the time. Good thing cops love me and let me go.
  34. I think all fireman are sexy. If you’ll run into a force of nature to save my family and pets you’ve earned it hands down.
  35. I fear getting old and wrinkly.
  36. Heavy downpours make me think of sex
  37. I keep my mother’s handbag on the shelf in my closet and can’t let it go.
  38. I am so competitive that the little Wii people really make me angry and I want to hurt them.
  39. I keep my favorite childhood books in a place of honor on the bookshelf by me bed. (Cinderella, Flat Stanley, The Dog that Said WowBow and The Velveteen Rabbit)
  40. I wear a different perfume for each significant guy in my life. Which explains why I have been wearing the same one for the past 10 years.
  41. Drakkar Noir is my favorite guy’s cologne.
  42. I hate talking on the phone.
  43. I refuse to share my bag of microwave popcorn.
  44. Alpha males all the way!
  45. I am horrible at managing money or managing to save it anyway.
  46. I would be miserable without a dishwasher.
  47. I can’t iron to save my life.
  48. I won’t date a man that doesn’t open the door for me.
  49. I don’t believe in abortion but I don’t think I have the right to make that choice for anyone else either.
  50. I bite. People.



Little bit bored

Little bit bored

I’m finding myself a wee bit bored tonight. (Hence the playing around with photoshop.) Maybe bored isn’t the right word, more like restless. One of those moods where I don’t know what I want, out of life, to do right now, to do tomorrow.  It’s actually been the prevailing mood as of late. Must be the fact that the big “40” is approaching. Definitely gets you to thinking about where you are in life and is it where you want to be. On the back nine so to speak. Have I done and seen the things I wanted to do? Am I the person that I wanted to be?  Was I true to the things that really mattered to me in life? I can answer yes to two of those. I wonder if anyone ever really does all the things they wanted to. I’m thinking no or what would you have left to strive for so I am okay with answering no to that. I guess a goal to have more positive things in my life is as good as any so that’s what I’ll aim for. Certainly can’t hurt and will more than likely have a fabulous ripple effect into things I haven’t thought of.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of Peter Steele’s death so I popped October Rust in the car for the drive to and from work. I’ll probably watch Symphony for the Devil before bed and fall asleep listening. If it was possible to curl up in a sound that would be the best way to describe the way it makes me feel. (And yes I have a thing for men I could climb like a tree.) Certainly one band I regret never having seen live.

As always this is going to be short and not sweet.