Adios 2014

Adios 2014









What I’ve learned in 2014

Being true to yourself is always the best course of action

Fear is never going to get the better of this girl.

Unexpected people will surprise you with their friendship.

Unexpected people will hurt you deeper than you ever imagined.

Never change yourself based on another’s opinion. That road leads to nowhere but misery.

Surround yourself with others who also think age has nothing to do with having fun. (Those other people just suck the color right out of a day.)

God made me with a big heart and sometimes it takes stupid to new levels. He also made me tough enough to deal with it. That’s all ok.

I can and will defy the odds because that’s what I do.

The universe will remind you that we can all plan whatever we want, life is going to happen.

Sweetness and light gets boring.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year! May your dreams come true, may you be happy with what you have, when sadness comes may it not last long and may you know love and joy in 2015!