Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope

Cancer 2018 Love Horoscope

Cancer, in 2018 love is definitely in the air! If you walk into the New Year single, you can smile wide and remain confident that the universe plans on offering you incredible opportunities to meet someone with the power to really open your heart and bring you to your knees. It all began on October 10, 2017, when Jupiter, the planet of expansion and blessings, moved into your true love sector for the first time in over 12 years. This cycle is no minor event, and Jupiter will remain here through November 8, 2018. As a result, delicious possibilities lie ahead for you in matters of the heart.

You are certainly craving more depth in your love life this year, and a casual affair simply will not do. So when you meet someone who has an air of mystery and gives off that magnetic vibe screaming “There is so much more underneath the surface,” you’ll find yourself hooked. You could meet this person at any time between now and early November, but pay close attention to a first meeting with someone near May 25 or August 19 when Jupiter makes a perfect link to Neptune. The universe might very well send you a soul mate during these times. An ex might also come back into your life from October 5-31 while Venus is retrograde, and if so, you might find yourself hopelessly drawn in.

If you’re already in a relationship, there is no shortage of support for you and your mate. On January 15, April 14, and again on September 12, Jupiter will make a perfect link to Pluto, the planet of transformation, now in your partnership sector. You and your spouse or partner might focus your attention on your children and empowering them to become the best adults they’re capable of. If you have children together, you’ll be in harmonious agreement about all childrearing matters, making it easier for you to feel romantic with your love behind closed doors. If you’re considering having a baby, this might be your year. Fertility will be strong!

At the same time however, Saturn, the planet of structure and responsibility, will also move through your 7th House of Partnership. If you and your mate are committed, you’ll work through any rough patch together. If, however, you feel as if your relationship has become nothing but a burden, you’ll have to start getting real about how much you have left to give.

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2018 Horoscope

2018 Horoscope

Gonna leave this here to do the compare at the end of next year.


Your soft, emotional core is what defines you, Cancer, but 2018 is full of opportunities to let the world know they shouldn’t mess with your tough exterior! When the dazzling sun enters your sign at the end of June, give yourself permission to let go of past hurts. You don’t have to take the blame for everything. Some things don’t work out no matter how much you want them to, so there’s no need to accept any misplaced blame.

Things to focus on for the coming month? Cooking, connecting with family (especially female relatives), and creating art. A satisfying trine between the sun in your sign and the moon, your emotional ruler, at the start of July lets you take full advantage of opportunities that cross your path, and decisions you make based on your intuition are spot on. It’s nice to be validated for your hard work, especially in your personal relationships.

Another important trine occurs between the Moon in your sign and the Scorpio sun in late October, and this time your psychic abilities and capacity to detect all types of nonsense are right on target. Good luck to anyone who tries to put one over on you. You won’t hesitate to call others on their ridiculousness.


The Cancer full moon (aka supermoon) in the beginning of January sets a fantastic mood for your love life. You get a burst of positive energy from the emotion-driven glow, and because it’s in your own sign, you feel the pull of this giant-looking orb as even greater than normal. You can achieve great things in your love life if you set your mind to it, Cancer, and taking the initiative comes easily and naturally. Make the first move without worrying about what the potential negative consequences might be. You’re truly in charge of your own destiny, and everyone will realize that once you’ve made your next big romantic move. Play to win. If you want it, it’s yours.

Love planet Venus enters your sign mid-May, bringing out your most nurturing, caring attributes. You love to cuddle and take care of others, and you’re happiest when your house is filled with the love you’ve created. There are a lot of emotional ups and downs during this transit, as your emotions guide your actions. You can be severely influenced by people who are emotionally manipulative, but you’ll never feel cheated or used if you follow your inner voice. You are naturally dedicated, warm, and devoted to those you love, and you’ll go through almost anything to protect what you consider yours. Feeling safe and secure is the driving force right now, and you’ll jump through hoops to make that happen.

The end of September brings difficult energy from a moon-Saturn square that’s hard to escape because you’re forced to deal with the results of past actions. When you think of your past relationships, how did they end? Did you take full responsibility for the part you played in your breakups or did you take the easy way out?

This aspect also exposes how the women in your life played a role in your romantic development and what part they may still play in your current relationships. You may feel unable to speak your mind because of the interference of your mom (or a mom-like figure) in your love life, which can make you feel like a kid again when dealing with love-related issues. We’re just saying, if you find yourself on a therapist’s couch talking about the current state of your love life, pay attention to the part where they delve into how you were raised!


The moon is your emotional barometer, Cancer, and although you try to separate business from emotion, it’s difficult at best with most Crabs. You know the people you see crying at work? You’ve probably been that person many times (not because you want to but because you can’t help it). And because it’s virtually impossible for you to detach your emotions from the task at hand, it makes the fact that there are two full moons in January and no full moon in February rather unfortunate for you. The very beginning and last day of January will be perfect times to close out accounts and finish assigned tasks, but then you could spend all of February yearning for a good time to end things. Make sure you do a complete purge in late January so that you can make it a full month before the time is right to do it all again in early March.

Chatty Mercury coasts into your sensitive sign in the middle of June, which means you’ll approach communication emotionally, not logically (as you did when Mercury was just in intellectually leaning Gemini for the past several weeks). You’re much more likely to take things personally, which can be a bad idea when it comes to your career. Did your boss or potential employer offer you advice to help you grow? Probably. Did you internalize it and wonder why you can’t do anything right? Again, probably. The challenge during this time will be for you to not only listen objectively but also vocalize your opinions and passions without jeopardizing yourself or your career.

A tough sun-moon square at the end of December could raise your anxiety level or create tension between you and your past or current co-workers or networking group, because you see a discrepancy between the way they’re treated and the way you’d like to be or feel you deserve to be treated. Resist the urge to compare salaries, perks, benefits, and rewards or talk about your performance compared to that of anyone you work with or are competing against in the job market. Focus on yourself and your accomplishments. Work on strategies that will allow a boss or potential employer to see your merits on their own and not how they stack up against anyone else’s.

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Taking it Back to the 90s

Taking it Back to the 90s

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