The weekend before last I was ready the paper online and took note of a particular article due to it’s closeness to where I work. They had found a woman’s body in the lake. Never did it cross my mind when reading that article that t would be someone I knew and considered a very dear friend.  I’m old enough to know that you can never count on tomorrows, that each one is a gift but still it’s nothing less than shocking.

I generally deal fairly well with death as I believe anyone you’ve ever loved is never truly gone from you. I still talk to my mom and dad all the time. This however is not something I can easily make peace with as it just never should have happened. There are so many rotten people in the world and for this to happen to her is just wrong. She was truly a better person than I will ever be.

In the news they kept refering to her as a single mother from Yonkers. What they didn’t say was what a wonderful mother she was. I never once saw her or knew of her to put anything above her son. Everything she did and everything she did without was always for him. She did a wonderful job because he’s a very special little boy and is going to grow up to be an even better man.

Some things in life can just never be justified and this is one of them.