Happy New Year – Entry for January 1, 2009

Happy New Year – Entry for January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! Hope it is a happy, prosperous, lucky and loved filled year for everyone.

Today’s clean slate day and I can’t wait to see what ends up written on mine this year. I slept through it all last night, didn’t even wake up from all the noise in the street. Passed out aound 9pm, felt like crap yesterday. But it’s all good feel great today.

I don’t really get into the whole New Year’s Resolution thing as I tend to think it puts to much pressure on you to stick to them and everyone keeps inquiring if you are sticking to them. Not for me. I did do something thinking today on what I can do to improve my life this upcoming year, what are the things I really need and want and I think I have a pretty good idea what they are and how I can start down the path of achieving and obtaining them. Time will tell.

This is my horoscope from the NY Daily News for 2009.


The Year Ahead Money is important, because not having enough can result in sleepless nights. Money and the perfect love mate to spend your nights with are the two things that provide a sense of security, and both are achievable in 2009.

Love Vibe There’s a desire to dominate relationships, and for this reason it’s advisable to connect with a love mate who’s your equal.

Most Romantic Months January: With a planetary overload in your love zone, anything is possible. Jan. 11: The full moon makes magic happen. November: The combination of the moon and Venus sends love vibrations. Nov. 16: The full moon is charged with romance.

Family Around April, a family member could ask for a favor.

Career and Finance Money is abundant and life-balance is crucial.

Luckiest Month January: Love and money are combined. Your ultimate wish can be granted. June and July: New moons in your sign for both these months can change your life, all for the better!

Defining Moments July 22: A new beginning! A solar eclipse in Cancer makes it a highly magical and prosperous time. Two full moons in December and a lunar eclipse on Dec. 31 signifies a time of sudden change – stay levelheaded rather than being controlled by your emotions.


Let’s see how it pans out. Here’s to 2009!