Zone Day One -Entry for May 18, 2009

Zone Day One -Entry for May 18, 2009

1:42 pm So Day One on the Zone Diet.

Breakfast was French Toast with Scrambled Egg Whites.

Lunch was a Turkey Pastrami Rueben on a Whole Wheat Wrap.

So far so good. I am having the food delivered from Chefs Diet and I have to say so far it’s pretty tasty especially for dieting. Lunch didn’t taste like healthy diet food at all. Much better and more satisfying than grazing on salad so that should help me stick to it. Figure if I write about the experience on here that will help me stick to it as well. Who wants to tell the world they have earned a colossal fail. Not I.

10:10pm Dinner was Roast Pork medallions, barley pilaf, and green beans. Barley pilaf was really good. Pork was as good as it’s going to be coming out of a microwave and I hate green beans ( ate them anyway though). Had to have a cup of tea around nine because I am HUNGRY!!! But that will pass in a day or two. (I hope.)¬† Trying very hard to not think of this as a diet but as a change in my lifestyle that will ultimately make me a happier¬† and healthier person. (who fits back in all their clothes)

Think I am going to go to bed early so I don’t visit the kitchen. My willpower is weak but 1 day down. 73 to go.