2012 The Year We Are All Going To Die

2012 The Year We Are All Going To Die

Oh it’s 2012 and according to experts I have until 12/21 to fulfill all my hopes and dreams. Personally I don’t think any of us will get off so easy as knowing when the end of time is coming. Too much of a mystery to belong to the human mind and all that. So I achieved one of my goals last year and learned how to leave work behind a bit and have more of a personal life. The whole relationship thing?? Well I’ve been a commitment phobe for 40 years so I think the fact that I actually gave it serious thought and consideration was a big enough step.  :^) I do think I have finally figured what I am and am not looking for and learned that although sometimes it does bother me that I am single it really has been the right thing for me. When I was younger I had the peace of knowing that I had to be true to myself and not settle for anything less than that one person who was perfect for me, not PERFECT, just perfect for me and if I didn’t find them so be it. I found that peace of belief again. Life will be what it will be and you just have to enjoy it for what it is.

I plan to do more things for myself this year, take care of myself for a change and do what I need to do to be happy. I want to go back to school, make sure I make time to see old friends instead of just brief comments on Facebook and the like. I used to pick a random subject that interested me and research and study the hell out of it just because, I’d like to do that again. I want to get back to the gym, not as some temporary attempt to lose weight but as a way to bring discipline and strength back into my life. It’s time for change. I’ve been reacting to what life throws at me for so long now I forgot I was once the type of person who made things happen for myself, who went after what I wanted with all I had win or lose. Guess I am looking at this as a year of possibilities. Been feeling a little bit of the old spark lately.

And now to the good stuff. The yearly horoscope. Last year’s is here. I did indeed learn to let go of what was holding me back. let’s see what this year will bring.

Year 2012 Overview

New beginnings have indeed arrived in your favor with the onset of 2012, Cancer. Although the biggest changes in the love realm won’t arrive until autumn, romance will return as a central theme for you in 2012 – just when you’d started to give up hope of anything new ever returning to your life! Although Pluto has been working on deeply transforming your partnership sector since 2008 (forcing you to shed the outmoded), you were indeed beginning to wonder if anything new would ever come to fill the void. And alas, it shall!

Saturn has been weighing heavily on your family and home sector over the past few years, bringing plenty of challenges your way. On one hand, this has been an incredibly grounding time filled with enough reality checks to put you firmly in touch with truth. It’s also revealed the importance of your roots, although it may have brought a wake of suffering, either through loss of relatives or a major strain on family relations. Take heart, dear Cancer – all is about to lighten up as Saturn moves out of a difficult aspect to your stars. When this cosmic taskmaster moves into your love and creativity sector in November, you’ll get serious about making more time for romance and self-expression. This also means you’ll be disciplined about your passions instead of throwing your precious energy around willy-nilly!

Expect to stay remarkably connected with others throughout 2012. Mars will be activating your communication for the first half of the year, keeping all your communication gadgets continually buzzing. During the first four months, the red planet will be retrograde, bringing mixed messages and retrospective reverie galore. Cancer folks are forever prone to dwelling in a nostalgic world, and this will be even more acute in 2012. The future is glorious – but first you’ve got to root yourself firmly in the present!

Year 2012 Romantic

Cancer, this is your year to take romance seriously! If you’ve been a dilettante, your time is running out. Saturn will enter your love sector this October and ask you to make important choices about what you will – and won’t – accept in your love life. The cosmic taskmaster planet will also require you to put up or shut up when it comes to romance. No longer can you say one thing and do another. Either you’re in it for the long haul … or you’re a free bird. There’s no longer any in-between.

Friends could easily become lovers, or vice versa, under the lucky auspices of Jupiter in your social sector. It also means you could meet someone very special through your circle of friends. You won’t be spending much time at home this year, so your chances of meeting someone special are multiplied by the amount of time you spend out with friends. Always dress for success, because you never know who you might meet!

Pluto continues to rock the very foundation of your significant relationships. This has been going on for so many years now, it’s starting to feel status quo. You’ve certainly been to hell and back so often in recent times that you’ve grown accustomed to picking up the pieces and starting over. The redeeming factor of this intense transit is that each time you go through a personal cataclysm, you emerge that much stronger. Your ability to regenerate is astonishing at this point. You’ve weeded out the toxic relationship patterns and – more importantly – the negative people from your life. When it comes to love, you are the Phoenix!


Well here we go….. Happy New Year and may it be filled with all you love, enjoy and need.