Entry for August 28, 2006

Entry for August 28, 2006

This is how I feel today. Yep. I am cranky. bet it’s not too late in life to learn how to throw a tantrum. Amongst other things… I have a complaint. Men who complain about manipulative women and the women who manipulate.

You know what I agree it’s a real shitty thing to do. But 90% of men fall for it. Hell, it’s probably more. Why is this pissing me off so bad? Because of the fact that I am independent, strong, a bit intense, pushy…call it what you will men tend to think I am also manipulative. WRONG!! I am so straight up it’s ridiculous. Can’t lie for shit about anything personal. If I am pissed you’ll know it, same with happy, sad, disappointed, etc..


This kills me… I as a female am so privy to this info…ready…

Girl meets a guy…expresses interest in everything he likes to do…take for instance sports….isn’t she great…holds out for a while for the sake of respectability, then fucks him like a bunny, isn’t she great…dolled up all the time…always interested in what he’s doing…has tons of time for him…sweet…gentle…sensitive…makes him feel like the biggest man in the universe…that’s the reeling him in part. Then once you know you have him but he’s not really stepping up to the plate yet… withdraw a bit…don’t have time for him…don’t be as interested in him…spend lots of time at work, out with friends……stop putting out,make him wonder if you’re cheating and…

Well I’ll be damned the man will ask her to move in with or marry him!!!!

What is that shit???? I can’t even recall the amount of times I have witnessed this one. Don’t you guys have mothers, friends or sisters that warn you about this shit. AGHHHHHHH!!!

I can’t stand it! I really can’t. Drives me nuts. Yes I have friends who yell at me all the time that this is the reason I a single. That my refusal to play this game is nothing more than stubborness, pride and stupidity. They are partially right but even if I wanted to do it I probably couldn’t pull the shit off for more than a week. To thine own self be true right?

If I want to have sex with someone I will, simple as that. If I like something they like cool that’s great. If I don’t that’s ok too. If I don’t want to turn on the water works when my feelings are hurt guess what? That’s ok too. Crying over a guy has never gotten me anything but red eyes, ruined makeup and a headache. You know what all this makes me…honest. Blech! Phooey!

So now that I’ve had an insane rant…I can let this go, accept it, make peace with it and be happy…. uhuh!

Entry for August 13, 2006

Entry for August 13, 2006

ImageAlright, so I am not all that committed to writing in this blog everyday.  Way too much effort to remember. Anyways..

Ryan is back from Miami. I now have all the kitten love…hehe. am posting a copy of my Pogo.com mini, just for her. It does indeed look like me…lol! Pretty freakish actually.

I am currently working on developing a website for an education consortium. Way, way too much text and formatting of said text. My hiney is soooo numb.

Once it is done though it will be cool. I will have enough extra money to fix my dining room ceiling (heat caused the paint to bubble and crack), to carpet my workout/office room, carpet and paint the stairs to my apartment, and do a few extra little things. Maybe new window treatments in the living and dining room, probably a new couch. Anyone have any suggestions how to get the little luvies to stop scratching it?

I am supposed to go to Boston next week with Dave for work. Joy! All that way just to convince people that quite a few people do indeed buy their contact lenses on the internet. Hellooooo…online discounts…not to mention the convenience of shopping in your jammies.

While taking a break from my current web project I wander across a great website… www.worth1000.com

Okay that’s enough of this for me. I think I did an admirable job of filling up some of this space. Image