No no nope. Begone Satan!

No no nope. Begone Satan!

Thought I might try to do a little better leaving thoughts here this year. I’ve said that a lot though and absolutely not followed through. Today’s (mis)adventure seems a perfect fit.

This domain is old, over 20 years actually. I will keep it until a die and then some. It is MINE!!!! May it live long after me.

I remember when I bought it in the late 90’s. Dated a guy that was all into computers when the internet was new. In one of those weird ways the universe has of smacking you in the head being reminded of him is what reminded me to write.

Minding my own business today and checking how much spammy crap is in my old AOL mailbox (never getting rid of that and I see this email address and do a double-take on it like WTF???? Did I read what I think I read???? Email is along the lines of “name for you to see here” @ whatever.

My brain is doing calisthenics, eyes just staring at my laptop like it may explode at any minute. Title of the email is “Just want to say hey.”. Seeeeeee, that guy’s (mentioned above) email was a play on “name for you to see here” as well, but credit where credit is due, formatted in a much more clever way.

Guess I should leave a note to explain if anyone reads this thing but me… He and I did not end well. If I ever do refer to him for whatever weird reason he’s the guy in my illustrious dating history known as The Mistake.

Can’t be. I’m soooo opening this. Click!

Haha, it’s some guy from an online design group I’m in asking if I want to meet for a drink. That’s going to be a nope, nope and a fuck nope. LOL! In the words of The Highlander, “There can be only one!”. Been there, done that. Nice guy, handsome… FU and your email address Satan!

Poor guy, shot down in flames over an email address. Yeah I’m not brave enough to tempt fate like that. Get the holy water!

Fluffy, wherever life has taken you, I don’t wish you true ill but I’m smart and creative so that leaves a wide open field of wishes.