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Poor is the man… Justify My Love Video

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So I was browsing Youtube (imagine that) and ran across Lady Gaga’s new Alejandro video. I’m just not into her stuff, doesn’t move or touch me in anyway other than that I usually think this has all be done before and was done better. Perfect example… while watching the video all I could think of was Madonna’s Justify My Love. I remember having to go out and buy the VHS tape because we couldn’t get cable in the Bronx yet, not as easy to find on the Internet back then either. Anyway Madonna just nails it, no question. I am 100% straight and watching the video for Justify My Love even I’m like wow she’s hot, the scenes are hot, being bisexual is hot. Lady Gaga… doesn’t inspire me to carnal thoughts just makes me laugh. Kinda like unzipping his pants and think the words Trouser Weasel….